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Advent Reflections

Week One of AdventFirst Sunday of Advent

The whole world waits in December darkness
     For a glimpse of the Light of God.
Even those who snarl “Humbug!”
     And chase away the carolers
     Have been seen looking toward the skies.
The one who declared he never would forgive
     Has forgiven,
   And those who left home
     Have returned,
   And even wars are halted,
     If briefly,
   As the whole world looks starward.
In the December darkness
     We peer from our windows
     Watching for an angel with rainbow wings
     To announce the Hope of the World.

Kneeling in Bethlehem ~ Ann Weems

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Week Two of Advent

Second Sunday of AdventWouldn’t it be wonderful
  If Advent came filled with angels and alleluias?
Wouldn’t it be perfect
  If we were greeted on these December mornings
    With a hovering of heavenly hosts
  Tuning their harps and brushing up on their fa-la-las?
Wouldn’t it be incredible
  If their music filled our waking hours
    With the promise of peace on earth
  And if each Advent night we dreamed of nothing but goodwill?
Wouldn’t we be ecstatic
  If we could take those angels shopping,
    or trim the tree or have them hold our hands
      And dance through our houses decorating?
And, oh, how glorious it would be
  To sit in church next to an angel
     And sing our hark-the-heralds!
What an Advent that would be!
What Christmas spirit we could have!
An angel-filled Advent has so many possibilities!
But, in lieu of that,
  Perhaps we can give thanks
   For the good earthly joys we have been given
    And for the earthly “angels” that we know
     Who do such a good job of filling
      Our Advent with alleluias!

Kneeling in Bethlehem ~ Ann Weems

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Week Three of Advent

Third Sunday of AdventHer wrinkled hands touched the tree
  As though she held eighty Christmases in a touch.
And then she turned to us and smiled
  and thanked us that she was here now,
    celebrating with us the birth of her Lord.
Turning again to the tree, she drew from her bag
  the gifts that she offered,
    and bending slightly, she placed them under the tree.
No gold, no frankincense, no myrrh
  were greater gifts than hers
  who gave all that she had
    In celebration of his birth.

Kneeling in Bethlehem ~ Ann Weems