Fairfax County Award Winning Preschool!

Our preschool is recognized as an "Exemplary Community Early Childhood Site" for our expertise in including all children, by meeting individual needs.

2019-2020   CPCP Calendar

Due to the coronovirus, the Preschool is closed and all events are canceled.

Our calendar follows Fairfax County Public School with a few exceptions.

*different than Fairfax County Public Schools

Sept. 3 & 4                     CPCP Orientations

Sept. 5*                          Regular scheduled classes begin

Oct. 14                           Columbus Day--no school

Nov. 4 & 5                      Student holidays--no school

Nov. 27, 28, 29              Thanksgiving holiday--no school

Dec. 23-Jan 3                Winter holiday--no school

Jan 6                             Classes resume

Jan. 20                          King’s holiday--no school

Jan. 27 & 28                 Student holiday--no school

Feb. 17                         Presidents' holiday--no school

March 3                        Student holiday--no school

April 6-13                     Spring Vacation--no school

April 14                        Classes resume

May 25                        Memorial Day holiday--no school

June 5 *                       Last day at CPCP

**The Preschool does not make up snow days.


In the event of inclement weather:

Fairfax County               CPCP

Closed                                   Closed

1 or 2 hours late                    1 hour late

Early closing                          Pick your child up as soon as possible


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