Fairfax County Award Winning Preschool!

Our preschool is recognized as an "Exemplary Community Early Childhood Site" for our expertise in including all children, by meeting individual needs.

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CPCP 40 Years

Play Learn Grow TogetherOur preschool curriculum is based on learning through play, meeting each child at his or her level, developing self esteem and instilliing a positive attitude toward school.

Lessons include:

  • Literacy: Story time, speaking and listening skills, building vocabulary, rhyming, alliteration, letter recognition, phonics, sight words, pre-reading skills, print and book awareness.
  • Math skills: Number sense, counting, comparisons, computation using manipulatives, concepts of time, measurement, temperature, weight, length, geometric shapes, sorting, graphing and patterning.
  • Art activties: Painting, watercolors, finger paints, play dough, learning to use safety scissors, coloring and markers.
  • Dramatic play: Home living corner, dress-up clothes, workshop and puppets.
  • Science: Plants, animals, weather, seasonal changes, nature walks, making predictions and drawing conclusions.
  • Music: Singing, finger plays, musical instuments, rhythm, scale and handbells.
  • Large motor skills: Outdoor play, tumbling, parachute play, bean bags, scooters and balance beam.
  • Small motor skills: Many different types of blocks, legos, gears, manipulatives, light table, play dough, sand table, beginning hand writing skills, correct pencil grip, tracing letters and learning to write letters.

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