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Building Use and Fee Policy

In light of the many activities held in our building, and because the primary purpose of the building is to gather to worship God, participate in the sacraments, give and receive instruction, initiate Mission, and enjoy Christian fellowship, it is important that we manage the use of the building well, with care to preserve its beauty and function.

Applications are subject to the final decision made at the monthly meeting of the Session of the Clifton Presbyterian Church, which usually takes place on the fourth Thursday of each month. Priority for use of the church building will be given as follows:

Church Groups

Regularly scheduled meetings to carry out the mission of the church.

Church Related Groups

Church sponsored organizations; interfaith groups, youth development groups and groups which carry out the purposes of the church.

Non-Church Related Groups

Community service organizations, community interest groups, receptions, non-church sponsored recitals, recreation and fellowship activities, club or group meetings. Non-church related groups are required to obtain a member contact/sponsor and are required to pay a fee as listed in the fee schedule below.

First priority is given to those groups within the church family. On rare occasions, church groups may need to be moved to accommodate an event of greater importance – a wedding, a funeral, etc. When this happens, alternate arrangements with the preempted group will be made.

The facilities of the church are not available for partisan purposes, for recruitment of members for clubs outside of the church, for private enterprise, or for fund raising purposes for organizations outside the church.

Fee Schedule

These fees are for non-church related groups. The assessment of fees may be adjusted at the discretion of the church’s pastoral staff. A cleaning deposit of $250 will be required at the time of wedding reservation of any of the spaces, excepting use by small groups, that will be returned upon inspection and sign off of the area used.

Wedding Room Use Fees Per event – for a maximum period of four hours (request Wedding forms)

Sanctuary* - $750.00

Fellowship Hall (Whole) - $800.00

Fellowship Hall (Half – using dividers) - $400.00

Non-Wedding Room Use Fees Per event - for a maximum period of four hours

Sanctuary - $100.00

Fellowship Hall - $100.00

(additional cleaning fee may be charged depending on type of meeting)

Small Group Meeting Fees

Upper Classroom (2-25 people) - $25.00 per hour

*Small groups that are using the facilities for non-church related purposes must have a church member contact/sponsor.

All fees, payable to Clifton Presbyterian Church, are due at the time of application.  The session retains its right to make exception or waive any part of the above below policy.

Building Use Policy

Outside groups wishing to use church space must complete a written application at least six weeks in advance, if possible. (Church office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.) The primary applicant must be at least 21 years of age. A refundable security deposit of $250 is required subsequent to the application’s approval and will be returned after completion of building use, pending an inspection of the items listed on the post building-use checklist by a designated church representative. In the event of cancellations, user fees will be refunded less a 10% administrative fee. A separate refund policy is in effect for weddings/religious services. Please see the weddings and religious services application form for details.


  • All groups will restrict their activity to the room(s) assigned.

  • Non-church related groups MUST provide their own audio-visual equipment.

  • Each group will be held responsible for the care and condition of the space and equipment used.

  • All groups will perform their own general clean up and return of furnishings to their original positions. All program materials brought by the group will be removed from the space when the event is over. All trash must be removed from the building in bags/boxes and placed in waste receptacle. (Trash receptacle is located on the gravel road at the far side of the sanctuary.)

  • All needs must be listed on the original application form. If your needs change unexpectedly, please contact us, although we cannot guarantee that any additional requests will be honored.

  • The use of alcohol or other mood altering substances is not permitted on church property. Smoking is not permitted inside the building but is allowed outside the building in the designated area only.

  • Requests to decorate the space must be stated on the written application. No screws, nails or tacks may be used. Masking tape may ONLY be used on glass, NEVER on painted walls or woodwork.

  • If your application contains a request to use the kitchen facilities, a completed “KITCHEN USE POLICY” form, available on request, must accompany it.

  • All non-church groups using the premises must vacate the building by 10:00 p.m. Events that require janitorial services (receptions, weddings, etc.) will be subject to other time constraints requiring the group vacates the premises by 9:00 p.m. to allow sufficient time for the room to be cleaned and prepared for its regular Sunday, or other weekday use.

  • Any use of the church building posing a threat to the building or any person in it, or to its contents, is not permitted. The church reserves the right to require any group using the church to purchase its own event insurance for the duration of the event and provide a copy of the certificate, in a timely manner, prior to the event. In such cases, Clifton Presbyterian Church must be named as the additional insured.

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