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Christian Education

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CPC’s Christian Education program is based on our vision to create a vibrant and expanding audience within the community to learn about Christ while offering intimate learning opportunities.Our mission is for members of CPC to gain a deep love of Christ through study throughout the year and to grow deep roots in faith by discerning God’s purpose by offering multi-modal opportunities for fellowship and learning.


Adult Christian Education:

Women’s Bible Study

Intergenerational and informal, the Bible study meets weekly on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 –11:00 am. The class is facilitated by Elder Francine Maestri. All members and friends of CPC are welcome to attend.


Sermon Starter Series

This weekly group, led by Pastor Diane, meets Monday evenings from 7:00 –8:15 pm. Each session provides a preview of the scripture for the upcoming Sunday sermon.


Children’s Christian Education:


Cornerstone for Kids

Nikki Lehmanleads the children through a spiritual journey of learning by listening, reading and discussing Bible stories as wellas creating fun, hands-on projects.


Easter Festival and Egg Hunt

CPC hosts an annual Clifton-wide Easter egg hunt and a craft and bake sale. Games, activities, snacks and refreshments are provided. All are welcome.


Confirmation Classes

CPC’s confirmands are paired with a sponsor as they begin their journey to join the church. The program includes attendinga two-day retreat at CPC followed by aprofession offaith as theybecome members of CPC. 


Additional CE Activities

  • Friday family fun nights

  • Graduation recognition

  • Blessing of the backpacks

  • Bibles for 4th graders

  • Teacher/Educator recognition

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