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Church Officers

Maureen Landry, Clerk of Session

Maureen and her husband lived in the Clifton area since 1986 and she has been a CPC member since 1994.  She has served as elder in the past in Personnel and as Clerk of Session. An avid reader, she has been enjoyed being part of the CPC bookclub since its inception close to 20 years ago.  She has also enjoyed times with fellow CPC members at dinner and theatre evenings.  In the past she has helped out at WFCM and more recently, Maureen and her husband have been privileged to help CPC’s efforts with WFCM in these difficult times when so many are struggling.​

Steve Landry, Elder for Administration & Finance

Since becoming a member of Clifton Presbyterian church in 1996, Steve Landry has been a Trustee,  Elder for Buildings & Grounds, Deacon, and Treasurer/Elder for Administration & Finance.​

Mitch Martin.jpg
Mitch Martin, Elder for Building & Grounds

Mitch and his wife have been members in a Presbyterian church since their youth, and their children were both baptized at Clifton Presbyterian.   In addition to his involvement in the CPC choir since 1998, Mitch served previously as Assistant Treasurer and as Clerk of Session.  Mitch and his family feel blessed to be part of the CPC family. ​

Lehman 2017.jpg
Nikki Lehman, Elder for Family Ministry

English teacher at Chantilly High School, passionate about our youth, working to foster their reading and writing skills and encourage them to think for themselves. Member of CPC since 2012, currently leading the Cornerstone for Kids program, and have served as both an elder and a deacon in the past. Excited to embark in this new journey in my faith!

Joyce Rarumangkay, Elder for Communications

Joyce and her family moved to Virginia from Indonesia in 1989.  Joyce joined Clifton PC in January 2019.  She has been serving as CPC Elder for Communications since 2021. She is currently serving as member of the National Capital Presbytery (NCP) Church Development Committee, and chair of the NCP Light to the Nations Network (an immigrant congregations network). She is thankful for being part of this wonderful CPC family.​

Pat Swanson, Elder for Fellowship & Outreach

Pat’s worship at CPC over the past 40 years has brought her into a closer personal relationship with God.   She is grateful for experiences like my ordination, 6 mission trips to Kenya, 22 years of teaching Sunday School, service as an Elder and Deacon, adult education, Bible studies and work in our community to help our neighbors through our mission projects.  She served on our Pastoral Nominating Committee and is currently serving as Elder for Fellowship and Outreach.  ​

Mark Reimers, Elder for Mission

The Reimers family began attending CPC in 1972.  Early in his time at CPC, Mark was Scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 1104 for 10 years. Later he worked on Mission and Building and Grounds Committees.  He was elder for Mission and then Church Building remodeling. The building addition and remodeling were completed in January 2007. Mark co- chaired project in Kibwezi  Kenya from 1988 to 2009 with Burke P.C.   Since 2007, he has worked on Mission Committee, Building and Grounds Committee, and with the preschool.​

Bette Petersen, Elder for Personnel

Bette has been a member of CPC since 1983.  Served as Elder 2 times, Deacon 2 times.  Been in the Choir since 1983 and can’t wait to go back and sing again.   She also loves to cook and have a “cake ministry” for the Church.   Loves being a member of the CPC family.  So grateful and blessed that she met her husband all those years ago and joined our Church on the hill! ​

Terry Winkowski, Elder for Planning

Terry and her family moved o the Town of Clifton in 2007. She has enjoyed being a part of the many town and church events during the past 14 years. Terry was on the Board of Deacons from 2017-2020, serving as the co-moderator for two of those years.

Ashley Bybee_CPC.jpg
Ashley Bybee, Elder for Preschool

Ashley Bybee has been a member of CPC for 10 years,since moving to Clifton from Alexandria. Ashley and her husband, Jon, have two sons, JD (12) and Tucker (10) who attend Union Mill Elementary School – soon Robinson for JD! She is glad to have her mother close by (Melinda Neese, nominated as one of CPC’s new Deacons!). Ashley works for the Institute for Defense Analyses where she is a Defense Analyst, working with foreign militaries to improve their management processes. When not working or at a baseball game, Ashley loves to garden, travel, and dote on the dogs, Copper and Blue.

Bill Watts, Elder for Stewardship

Bill started attending CPC in November 1994 and became a member the following spring in 1995.  CPC is my church family and you all are dear to me.  Though we have moved three times in 31 years, CPC has remained a constant in my life.​

At CPC Bill participated in many different ministries:  Christian Education, Long Range planning (not on Session), Associate Pastor Search Committee, Stewardship, Worship, Music Director Search Committee, Planning, Interim Pastor Search Committee, Mission, Clerk, Nominating Committee, Emergency Contingency Ad Hoc Committee, and Executive Action Committee​.

Peggy Cranston.JPG
Barbara Brown_Website FINAL Photo (Aug 2023).jpg
Peggy Cranston, Elder for Worship

Peggy was raised in Arlington, Virginia. She first became familiar with Clifton Presbyterian Church in 1973 when she married into the Cranston Family. Their two children were baptized at CPC when they were stationed in NOVA in the 1980’s. (And their granddaughter was baptized here in 2013.) When her husband, Stu, retired from the Air Force in 2000 they settled in Clifton and again attended CPC. Peggy volunteered on the wedding and flower committees and has been a member of the worship committee for several years. Peggy became a member of Clifton Presbyterian in 2019. She is also a member of the Clifton Community Woman’s Club and Welcome to Washington Club, International and enjoys bridge, golf, flower arranging, interior design, and especially her grandchildren.

Barbara Brown, Deacon

I spent 30 years teaching hearing impaired children, first as a Speech Therapist, then as a classroom Special Education Preschool Teacher. Although I officially retired seven years ago from FCPS, I continue to substitute long term in Special Ed. I spend my free time indoors quilting, with a side of knitting and baking.  Outdoors I enjoy nature, and spend many hours hiking, and on the water. A former Catholic, I began taking Bible study classes with Burke PC and Clifton PC about 10 years ago and began attending some of CPC services and activities.  As one would expect from my teaching background, I especially enjoy service, mission, and supporting our youngest members.  I decided to formally join CPC as I love the feeling of “family” and want to give back to CPC for all the love and support it has shown me.

Jean Bourneuf, Deacon

Jean has been a CPC participant since 2015, and is a familiar face at the weekly Women’s Bible Study group.  She is currently serving as a Deacon and as a member of the Mission Committee.​

She enjoys gardening, music, photography and relaxing with family and friends.  She looks forward to opportunities for fellowship, growth and service as a member of CPC.​

Evan Gass FINAL website.jpg
Evan Gass, Deacon

Evan was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, where much of his immediate family still resides. He attended a parochial school through much of his youth, which gave him an early exposure to the beliefs, history, and traditions of the Christian faith, and a love for the Latin language. He graduated from James Madison University in 2014 and shortly thereafter relocated to Northern Virginia along with his wife, Emily Spiwak. The pair settled in Fairfax Station in 2019, discovered the nearby Clifton Presbyterian Church, and welcomed their daughter, Noelle, into the world in July 2021. Evan spends his free time with Noelle, outside with the family dogs and chickens, reading, and brewing the occasional batch of beer.  

Melinda Neese (FINAL Edit).jpeg
Melinda Neese, Deacons

It was just before Covid hit when we  moved to Clifton from Fauquier County and it went downhill from there — not the most auspicious start, but I love the small town feel in what has to be the best kept secret in northern VA.  I grew up a Presbyterian in a military family but spent many years as an Episcopalian.  CPC seems like a comfortable fit in my present life, and I look forward to many satisfying years to come.  Interests include gardening, horseback riding, traveling, knitting, and watching grandchildren grow.

Alice Crume, Deacon, Co-Chair

Alice and her son joined Clifton Presbyterian Church in May 2019 after attending since January 2019.  She is currently serving as a Deacon, and as a member of the Mission Committee and the Communications Committee.​

Kimberly V. Davis, Deacon

Born in West Texas, moved to NYC after college, then to Northern Virginia in 1989, I have taken my Presbyterian Church membership with me on my journey. Clifton Presbyterian played a big role in our choice to move to the Clifton area (from Brooklyn!!). It was such a joy to have our daughter, Katherine, baptized here 26 years ago, just a few months before Pastor Lynn arrived. Then it was a comfort to have CPC’s strength and support when I lost Bill in 2016.Our PCUSA faith community has continued to grow and evolve over time, and I am grateful to support its further progress through Clifton Presbyterian.

Pete Daniels, Deacon

Pete has never been a Deacon despite being raised a Presbyterian. His first fifty years he lived in Arlington, where I met Pastor Diane, moved to Clifton twenty years ago and active with various Elder positions here, including Finance, Clerk, Mission, Nominating and Pastor Nominating Committee. Very much looking forward in worshiping in the pews with Deacon duties to bring us together as a congregation.​

Andrew Gause, Deacon

Andrew was born and raised in Falls Church, VA.  Andrew attended James Madison University and graduated with a Business Degree in Marketing.  Since 2004, Andrew has been the owner and Master Instructor at two martial arts schools (Andrew Gause's Martial Arts in Springfield and Fairfax Station).  He attended Graham Road UMC as a child and Pender UMC as an adult.  Moving to Clifton in 2014 (from Fairfax) he started attending Clifton Presbyterian in 2019.  Andrew is currently serving as a Deacon.​

Joanne Woodward, Deacon. Co-Chair

Joanne Woodward has been a member of CPC since June 1991.  She has had the privilege to serve as an Elder for the Preschool committee and also for the Mission committee.  Joanne is currently serving as a Deacon for a second term and on the Nominating committee for three terms. 

Lynne Coyle_website photo.jpg
Lynne Coyle, Trustee

Lynne joined Clifton Presbyterian Church in 1992.  Since that time, she has served on Session as the Personnel Elder and the Planning Elder.  She also served as co-facilitator of the Women’s Bible Study.  She is a member of the handbell choir, Emergency Contingency Committee, Personnel Committee, and the 150th Anniversary Committee.  Her children were raised in this church, and her husband joined the church in 2019.  She is an avid knitter and member of the Needlework Ministry.  She also enjoys gardening and reading. ​

Stephen Law, Trustee

Stephen has been an active member of Clifton Presbyterian Church since 2005.  He was ordained as a deacon and served as moderator for the board of deacons (Providence). Stephen and his wife have been active participants of Clifton Presbyterian Church and have raised their sons in the church.  Both attended Clifton Presbyterian Church Preschool, attended youth Sunday School, and were confirmed in the church.  The family has been active participants in various Mission Committee fundraising activities.   Stephen is currently serving as a Trustee.​

Adam Lipinski Website Version_cropped FINAL.jpg
Adam Lipinski, Trustee

I am very honored to be nominated for a trustee position with Clifton Presbyterian Church. For those who do not know me I have been with CPC since we moved into the area, about 16 years ago. My wife, Victoria, and I selected CPC because of the congregation’s emphasis on mission, the presence the CPC family has in the Clifton community, and the congregation itself.  The CPC community has helped us raise my two daughters Nichole and Natalee. In fact, Natalee is to be confirmed as a member of the congregation. I was raised a Catholic and the jump to the Presbyterian USA church required some reevaluation of my approach to worship and organization of the church. This includes the governance of the church. I am prepared to serve as a trustee for the CPC and recognize scripture as the authority over church tradition and governance. I was originally ordained as a deacon and also served as the Elder for Personnel when Pastor Diane assumed the role of our pastor. I was trained as a lawyer and economist, both skills I believe will lend themselves well in fulfilling my mission.

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