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Clifton Presbyterian Church Preschool


About Us

The Clifton Presbyterian Church Preschool has been established by the Session of the Clifton Presbyterian Church as a part of the church's Christian Mission of Service to the community, and is a part of the overall education ministry of the church. The school is conducted on a non-denominational basis and is open to children regardless of race, religion or national or ethnic origin. The Clifton Presbyterian Church Preschool (CPCP) is respectful of other religious traditions and shares religious practices represented by its students. The preschool and its philosophy are administered by the Preschool Committee consisting of church members and led by an elder of the church who is elected by the Session.
The Clifton Presbyterian Church Preschool is housed in the historical and lovely Clifton Presbyterian Church. The school is very well equipped with age-appropriate materials, and attention is given to safety factors. A large playground is equipped with swings, slides, a sand box, spring-horses, etc. and is regularly maintained and upgraded. Playtime is always supervised. 

Fairfax County Award Winning Preschool

Our preschool is recognized as an "Exemplary Community Early Childhood Site" for our expertise in including all children, by meeting individual needs.

2023 Parent Reviews

"Most wonderful director, knowledgeable and kind teachers, great communication skills, lovely projects, great curriculum, we could have not had a better experience. Both of our children attended the preschool and we are so glad we made this decision."

"The wonderful teaching staff at CPCP provides a great foundation for pre-school learning in a warm, caring and affectionate environment."

"CPCP is a wonderful school. My daughter loves going to school. She has brings home so many cute projects and is always excited on telling me what she did at school."

"CPCP is everything we could have asked for in a pre-school. After several years of being at home due to the pandemic, we were unsure how our son would adjust being at school--but we shouldn't have worried! The teachers and administrative staff instantly embraced us like family, my son adores his teachers and the other kids, and as parents, our minds are at ease knowing he's having fun, learning, and being well cared for. We all love CPCP!"

"We love being a CPCP family! We enjoyed being here when our son was in pre school and we are once again loving being a CPCP fam! When our baby on the way is old enough we will definitely be back for the 2.5s class again!"

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