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CPC Events

Children in Mission

kidsinmissionGod calls the prophet Jeremiah when he is still young.  Jeremiah tries to argue with God and says, “I am only a boy” but God assures Jeremiah that God will be with Jeremiah as he serves God.  We do not wait until we are a certain age to be servants of Jesus Christ, we all are called to mission in our communities and beyond.  At CPC, we help families and kids be in mission together, giving kids opportunities to love their neighbors as God loves them.

Tumaini Orphanage

Pick up a mug by the entrance of the church and begin collection coins. Empty your coins into the big jug once a month to support the Tumaini (means hope!) Orphanage in Kibwezi Kenya. Our church helps support the children who live there and helps ensure they and other children have meals during the school day.

Vacation Bible School

Each summer, Vacation Bible School takes place at the church for one week.  Activities include singing, storytelling, crafts, service and games celebrating our God!

One Great Hour of Sharing

During Lent, children participate with the Presbyterian Church in the One Great Hour of Sharing collection.  Children’s Time, during worship on One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday, talks about this collection and helps the kids understand the call to do mission, where the money will be sent and what life is like in other places around the world.